Updated: 04/01/2016
Summer is fast approaching and everybody wants to spend some time in the sun. However it is important to take extra care using certain products to protect  skin from harmful ultraviolet rays that may cause severe damage in the long run. Sunscreen is very important to apply if you expose yourself to the sun. But for people who are in for some sweat during these hot summer days, the mixture of certain outdoor elements and sweat can easily wear off your sunscreen. Look for longer wearing sunscreens to have protection from ultraviolet rays all the time. Reapplying sunscreen every two to three hours would be most ideal. You can also find a lot of make-up and cosmetic products that contain sunscreen protection ranging from powders, foundation, eye shadow, blush and even lipstick. Cream blush can stand up better towards sweat and also easily blends with sunscreen.
Summer is a time of fun and relaxation and we should enjoy every moment of it. While having some fun in the sun, protect your skin with products containing sunscreen features to keep it soft, supple and healthy.

Let's see the most recommended sun care products. 

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