Boots are an important part of footwear collections for all of us. Most of them are made from leather which is selected from the finest quality and they are available in designs that extend up to the ankle and even higher to the knees. It is a good choise  for winter and cold months of the year. Even boots with heels  allow a better grip of the ground and are supportive of the feet even when you are walking briskly. Use of buckled metallic accessories is often done in the leather to accentuate the look. Colors of the high heel boots vary from blacks, browns and burgundy to other shades like grey and tan. The soles are also often made from waterproof materials that help these to sustain watered surfaces and rainy months. If you think that all ranges of boots come with high heels there is more to look out for. A distinct range of ugg  boots  are designed in the same way as high heeled boots with ankle lengths and knee length extensions of the leather. However the sole is basically flat with regular heights of shoes and  are comfortable and definitely safer since It  enable greater relaxation and easy movements.

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